Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We're still better than

the Mets and the Cubs and the Marlins. But getting thrashed by the LAngels after a great weekend is like puking up a steak dinner. The whole Burriss-Frandsen-Downs comedy has me scratching my head. Who the hell runs the goddamn show? I understand why they like Burriss, hell, I like Burriss. But Frandsen is clearly the man for the 2nd base job, and his ability to play third and short make him a pretty useful guy. He'll never be Dustin Pedroia, fer chrissakes, but so what? Edgar "$8 million" Rental is chugging along at .635 OPS these days. Six-freakin'-thirty-five, me buckos. That's ghastly. Tell me again why he hits second? Maybe this Downs kid will show us something in the meantime. And, in a week, Frandsen will be back, I suppose. Then we can jerk him around some more. (Memo to KF's agent: seek trade.)

For all the recent excitement, this two-game stretch has given us a cool Skin Bracer slap on the face, and reminded us of the ugly weaknesses of the club. Our future star, Pablo Sandoval, is still unpolished, and we still don't know where to play him. Our old outfielders are still old. Rich Aurilia still has a job. Barry Zito is still Barry Zito. Our cleanup hitter still makes outs 72% of the time. "Lincecum, Cain, pray for rain" is still the refrain. (Sorry, RJ, but at 45 years old you are not part of the future.)

The Franchise is on the hill today, so I expect we can cool their bats this afternoon and get a win. The Rangers come to town after that with their .786 OPS (5th in the ML) and first-place swagger. They've got FIVE guys slugging over .500!! Let's hope we can regain that schpilkes-inducing form we showed not too long ago.


JC Parsons said...

I saw Manny on Monday and it was embarassing. He has a good glove but in this age that is not close to enough. Slim chance that he is anything much more than utility level. Frandsen has been given a chance and he does not impress; his physical skill set does not overcome a lack of plate disciple. I love that we are looking at Downs now. He deserves a shot, he had a great spring and he plays all over the infield too. More pop than Frandsen and he actually LOOKS at pitches.
This year should be a meat market. Give 'em a month and then yell "Next" if they don't perform. This month's entrees include baked Schierholtz and sauted Downs.

BTW both Bob and I love the steak puke line.

Brother Bob said...

-One man's steak puke is another dog's breakfast.
-Not long ago I said Sanchez was "not a major talent." I was right, huh?
-Pablo Sandoval must be in the All-Star Game.
-Pray that Matt Cain does NOT start the All-Star game. Y'all know what I'm talikng about.

Theo said...

Frandsen will be back on Monday. He has to wait 10 days to return, with the exception being if an injury were to occur. Though as I'm typing this Downs has his second hit.

I like Burriss, a lot. I think he's an everyday major leaguer. He needs to drive the ball some, but mostly he needs to get on base. He's in Fresno to work on hitting first instead of eighth, so that's a positive. Remember, he was in San Jose to begin last season, and was in college in 2006.

Yes, the steak dinner was the perfect analogy. Also, at least we're facing Texas here instead of in Arlington.