Sunday, June 28, 2009

The kids are alright

It took a journeyman minor-leaguer to give us the start we needed to win in Milwaukee. He gets his first MLB win--six shutout innings--and his first MLB hit. Matt Downs cranks his first home run. Nate Schierholtz pounds out four more hits including an 8th-inning jack. Last five games for Mr. Olympic: 3-4, 2-4, 2-4, 1-4, 4-5. He's a hacker in the great Sandovalian tradition, and he's "served notice" to Ol' Boch that he gets in the lineup every day. More blues for Mississippi Fred, he slashed a foul line drive that winged the Panda in the on-deck circle, made another misplay in LF, and added another K to his total. He got a big RBI early with an infield hit, but the positive contribution is lost in the glare of Olympic Nate's fireworks. More bench time for him, I'm afraid. Speaking of bench time, Aurilia's absence (bereavement leave) points out--again--his superfluous status. We don't need him. Let him go and free up the spot. Banished Jonathan Sanchez gets a measure of redemption with an impressive 3-K ninth. Way to go, kid.

Break out the forties, me buckos, this was a grand win.

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Bob said...

I loved it that Sanchez finished the game he should have started. Very sporting.
I guess they keep Sadowski in the rotation until... when?